Don't Let Engine Failure Stress You Out

Take advantage of our exceptional engine repair services in Owego, NY

Every vehicle owner's worst fear is engine failure. On average, engine repairs and replacements can cost between $4,000 and $8,000. If you're going to invest in an engine replacement, make sure you hire a skilled mechanic who will get the job done right. Choose Weaver Automotive in Owego, NY for your engine repair and replacement needs.

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What systems can we replace?

Your vehicle won't run smoothly until every internal system is working properly. If your vehicle is giving you difficulty, you may need an engine or transmission replacement. Luckily, our skilled mechanic has the necessary equipment and expertise to replace every essential system under your hood, including:

  • Gaskets that are leaking coolant or oil
  • Belts that are showing signs of breakage
  • Transmissions that are failing to shift gears

Wondering whether you need an engine or transmission replacement? Stop by our shop today to receive a diagnostic test.